You can validate your warranty claim in Marton Dental ( H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Ivánfi Ede u.5). Marton Dental is not liable to pay for treatments covered by the warranty if those treatments were performed in other dental clinics.

The warranty covers the dental treatments (repairing, replacing) but no other additonal cost like travel, accomodation or missed work.

Warranty periods

  • Dental prosthetics - 3 years
  • Implants - 5 years
  • Fillings - 1 year

Warranty terms and conditions:

  • maintain a high standard of home dental care and keep to all the specifications of your dentist concerning oral hygiene
  • maintain a schedule of regular checkups and routine treatments like dental cleaning
  • use the dental replacements properly
  • pay any debts you may have to our clinic

Unfortunately our warranty does not cover everything

There are external factors that can affect the validity of the warranty. The warranty does not cover the following:

  • inlfammatory diseases of the pulp, periodontium and gum or diseases following root canal treatment
  • damages caused by diseases unrelated to the dental treatments
  • intentional damage
  • damages deriving from an accident
  • previously unknown and only after the treatment emerging allergies and diseases

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