Implant-supported dental prosthesis

Implant-supported dental prosthesis

The implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically placed in the jawbone.

Similarly to its natural counterpart, the implant is situated below the gum and does not protrude out from the bone, so it's impossible to directly insert a crown or a bridge into it.The connecting link between implant and prosthesis (crown or bridge) is the abutment. It is the part that sticks out from the surface of the gum and the bone. The inside of the implant is hollow, the abutment is screwed into the hole after the healing period. It can be made from titanium or metal-free zirconium. The final part of the implant is the crown which can also be either zirconium- or metal-based depending on the material of the abutment: titanium abutments get crowns with metal frame, zirconium abutments get crowns with zirconium frame. Both get an aesthetic and natural-looking porcelain cover, giving the replacement teeth their final shape and colour. In the so-called smile-zone, we suggest using zirconium abutments due to aesthetic reasons, while in the chewing zone, we offer titanium.

  • The replacement of three missing teeth in a row can be done with three implants (and on them crowns) or with two implants and a bridge on them.
  • In the case of complete tooth loss, we suggest placing in a zirconium or titanium bridge fixed on 6 or 8 implants, or we can offer the so-called All on 4 method which require only 4 implants per jaw.

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