In case of complete tooth loss, tooth replacement is necessary, conventionally with complete removable tooth replacement without anchorage. The so-called Fix on 4 method offers an alternative: fixation of a removable denture by implantation.

In this case, 4 implants in the lower and 4 in the upper jaw provide the necessary stability and complete fixation of the removable replacement teeth. The procedure is painless, carried out in local anesthesia. A couple weeks long healing period follows the operation while the patient gets a temporary removable replacement. After the healing period, a dental impression is made and within a couple of days, the dental technician's laboratory prepares the final prosthesis.

Marton Dental All-On-4

  • only 4 implants are needed per jaw
  • it provides stability during chewing and speaking
  • natural looking
  • similar to your natural teeth in loadability, there are no restrictions during use
  • unlike the removable dental prosthetics, it doesn't cause irritation or chafing; there is no need to use denture adhesives, or to take it out at night

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