About implantation

Using dental implants is now common practice in every dentist's office. It offers an aesthetic and functional solution in case of one or more missing teeth, or complete tooth loss with fixed or removable prostheses.

The implant is an artificial tooth root made from titanium and surgically placed in the jawbone. The titanium doesn't corrode, doesn't irritate the surrounding tissue, is biocompatible. Depending on the number of missing teeth, crown or bridge is placed on the implant. The replacement tooth is your natural tooth's perfect match both in appearance and function.

Marton Dental Implant

Implant-supported dental prosthetics

The implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically placed in the jawbone.

Immediate implant placement

We can insert implants immediately after dental tooth extraction, especially in the smile-zone.

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In case of complete tooth loss, tooth replacement is necessary, conventionally with complete removable tooth replacement without anchorage.

Partially removable tooth replacement

A partially removable tooth replacement offers a viable alternative to handle complete tooth loss.

Bone grafting

Bone grafting is required before the placement of an implant, if you are edentulous for too long and the bone began to recess, the jawbone began to grow thinner and extenuate.

Sinus lift

The sinus lift is a type of bone grafting, its aim is to thicken the maxillary sinus.

Dental surgery

Dental surgery can be understood as any number of medical procedures that involve surgery to manage dental or orthodontic problems, or problems regarding the oral cavity.

Removal of wisdom teeth, complicated teeth removal

In general, the removal of a tooth is a fairly simple procedure; the tooth can be taken by the crown and removed with forceps.
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