About crowns and bridges

After tooth loss, you are advised to get a replacement as soon as possible. It’s not just a question of vanity, failing to replace your missing tooth can have a severely negative impact. It disrupts your teeth's order: the teeth next to the missing tooth may drift or dislodge, the ones in the opposite jaw may start growing into the gap, the mandibular joint's strain may get higher, difficulty may occur with chewing and speaking. There are a number of ways to replace your missing teeth.

  • We recommend using a crown if one of your teeth is so damaged due to dental decay, trauma or abrasion that it couldn’t be managed with filling.
  • A bridge is intended to replace several teeth in a row. The teeth next to the gap act as supports, but the downside is that these teeth need to be abraded. It can be avoided if we fix the bridge on implants. The implants not just eliminate the need to abrade, but they shorten the gap, so the bridge will be statically more sound. If you missing only your last tooth in the row, it can be replaced only with implants.

Zirconium crown

It is completely metal-free, so even patients with metal allergy can safely use it.

Metal ceramic crown

The metal ceramic crown consists of a nickel-free, hypoallergenic metal frame and a porcelain cover.

Zirconium bridge

The zirconium bridge consists of entirely metal-free components, so it is safe for patients with metal allergy, too. It provides a perfectly lifelike teeth replacement.

Metal ceramic bridge

The metal ceramic bridge consists of a nickel-free hypoallergenic metal frame and a porcelain cover.

Removable prosthesis

There are different types of removable prosthesis: complete or partial.

Removable partial denture

A removable partial denture is ideal for a partially edentulous patient who wants to replace the missing teeth, but cannot have a bridge or an implant for any number of reasons.

Removable complete denture

In case of complete tooth loss, using a removable complete denture is a conventional way to replace your missing teeth.

Temporary prosthesis

While your crown, bridge or denture is being made, or during the healing period after tooth extraction or implantation, a temporary prosthesis is available for use.


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