A veneer is a thin (about 0,3-0,7 millimeter) layer of material placed over a tooth, most frequently in the visible zone of the smile. It is made of porcelain, so it's completely metal free. The veneer's colour and translucence is easily manipulated resulting in a new and improved smile. Because it’s chemically neutral, it doesn't cause a reaction in the mouth, and it's wear-proof, solid and durable.

Veneers can be used to treat the following deficiencies:

  • your teeth are healthy, but you are not satisfied with the way they look
  • you want an alternative for teeth whitening
  • you want to correct the defects of the dental arches without orthodontia
  • your denture is abraded
  • your teeth discoloured after root canal treatment
  • you chipped your incisors
  • you have diastema

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