Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

The root canal or endodontic treatment treats the inside of the tooth in order to relieve pain and save the tooth.

Inside of the tooth, under the enamel and the dentin, there is a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp extends from the crown of the tooth to the to the tip of the roots. It contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. The endodontics treats the dental pulp's malignancies. Endodontic treatment is necessary when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. The inflammation or infection can have a variety of causes: deep decay, chemical and physical stimuli, a crack or chip in the tooth.

  • If these symptoms left untreated, they can cause pain and festering, the damage of the jawbone, or they can lead to abscesses.
  • During the procedure, we remove the infected pulp, clean and shape the root canal, then temporarily seal the tooth.
  • The root canal system is filled during the next sitting. Once the permanent root canal filling is in place, we restore the functionality and the aesthetic view of your tooth by making an aesthetic cover filling.

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